Speech Topics

Support Our Troops

As a Captain in the US Army Reserve, Deshauna desires to encourage overall support to our troops and their families. She is a huge advocate for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and believes in using her voice to raise awareness on the issues suffered by our troops and their families   

Inspiring Professionals

Deshauna has a bachelors degree in Business Management and a masters degree in Computer Information Systems and Services.  As a millennial, Deshauna understands the struggle of up and coming young professionals. She uses her 5 years of government experience to teach young professionals how to properly enter the work industry of their choice. 

Overcoming Adversity

Deshauna has made it her life goal to Encourage, Inspire and Strengthen the people around her.  Deshauna is a survivor of child sexual abuse and wants to inspire other survivors to fight through fears of your past. Deshauna has overcome bullying and after the recent loss of her mother to cancer she wants to encourage people to focus on loving ourselves and the people around us.

Empowering Women

Deshauna having worked in the Information Technology industry and the U.S. military, she is a big advocate for empowering women. Deshauna encourages women to break through their glass ceilings and chase their dreams.   

Diversity And Inclusion

Deshauna discusses her challenges as a double minority in the Army and 6 year career as an IT Analyst in the government. She encourages the importance of creating a supportive work environment that facilitates retention and accelerates the advancement of diversity in organizations and companies. 

Encouraging Our Youth

Deshauna wants to encourage underprivileged kids to not allow their circumstances to dictate their future.  She understands how hard it can be to come from a low-income family. She wants to use her voice to Encourage, Inspire and Strengthen our youth!